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Algoz APIs

Algoz APIs can be found at​
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❇️ Payload
"application_id": "<APPLICATION_ID>",
"validation_proof": "<VALIDATION_PROOF>"
application_id - This is the same application_id you received after Registering your app.
validation_proof - This is a Google ReCAPTCHA token you received when someone completes a captcha on your UI. Read more about how we verify this Google token here.
Example payload:
❇️ Response
"valid": true,
"application_id": "<application_id>",
"expiry_token": "<expiry_token>",
"auth_token": "<auth_token>",
"signed_token": "<signed_token>",
"signature_token": "<signature_token>",
"chain": "<chain>"
The variables are used to call Algoz contract functions, you can read more about them under the Integrate Algoz section.
Example Response: